MISSION ACCOMPLISHED: One year and 7 months after I had injured my back again for the 4th time in 5 years (and this time was the worse with four herniated discs that had left me almost immobile at the pick of the crisis), I can proudly say I’m healed again! Back...

Reflecting on Change – JUNE 2016

I’d like to share a few thoughts about the practice and our awareness of life as being in an endless state of change, and how the former can help the latter and help us navigate life and better deal with sufference as an inevitable byproduct of living. Not to leave pleasure – the opposite of an unpleasant experience or sufferance – out of the picture, but because we tend to be more at ease with the latter than with when we suffer. Only when pleasure fades away and pain inevitably comes back are we usually reminded of how they are both linked to each other and how each other is indispensable for the experiencing of both.


I found yoga, or better yoga found me, sixteen years ago in 1999. I was already thirty-eight years old by then, was living in an international community in South India called Auroville and felt like I had already had more than one life. My life did not definitely evolve in a linear or smooth unfolding of progressive events predictably leading one to the next, but had rather often taken sudden turns or unfolded on dirt tracks. I never lost my sense of direction, but oftentimes felt the challenges were big enough to scare me.

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